Heeding the appeal of Thomas Jefferson that:

“the earth belongs to each generation, and no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence”

GreenerLandLaw holds to the belief that there is a compelling need for significant changes in land use development pattern and practices whereby conservation of natural areas and ecological systems becomes the core organizing axiom around which new residential development projects are designed and built.



Besides being the manager of The Schafer Law Firm, an Orange County, CA-based law firm, John Schafer is a graduate student in Vermont Law School’s environmental law LLM program.

John’s professional interest in the interplay of land development and ecology started was forever changed in 2003 once he became actively involved with a chapter 11 restructuring of a uniquely complex stalled land development project.  The project involved a “brownfield” that had the additional complexities of falling withing the California Coastal Commission’s jurisdiction as well as containing a recently uncovered endangered plant species.  Over the course of 18 months working on legal and business solutions for the stalled project, John’s life-long personal interest in and study of the natural environmental was intractably rekindled.

The author’s conservation ethic may drive his vision but certainly does not presuppose that the author’s views provide all the right answers to the complex legal, business and scientific issues involved.